About Lillian's Arms

Supporting families in our community

"Quality of life” refers broadly to four factors: (1) subjective wellbeing; (2) social networks; (3) health behaviors; and (4) self-concept. We believe that addressing these aspects of quality of life helps individuals and families thrive. Lillian's Arms recognizes that in our communities, everyone's basic needs are not met. This negatively impacts quality of life. By offering consumer goods necessities (food, clothing, toiletries, etc.) to families and cultivating supportive community, Lillian's Arms advocates for the well-being of all families.

We believe all families deserve to be happy and healthy.

Our Mission

Lillian’s Arms mission is to support families

with resources to improve quality of life.

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Hunger in America

Millions of children and families living in America face hunger and food insecurity every day.

  • According to the USDA's latest Household Food Insecurity in the United States report, more than 35 million people in the United States struggled with hunger in 2019. 

  • In 2018, 14.3 million American households were food insecure with limited or uncertain access to enough food.

  • Households with children are more likely to experience food insecurity. Before the coronavirus pandemic, more than 10 million children live in food-insecure households.

  • Many households that experience food insecurity do not qualify for federal nutrition programs and need to rely on their local food banks and other hunger relief organizations for support.

To assist with alleviating hunger, Lillian's Arms maintains a pantry program and distributes food to families. 


Whether you need clothing for the winter or business clothing for an interview, Lillian's Arms provides new and gently used clothing to individuals and families in need.

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Basic need/personal hygiene 

Lillian's Arms provides provides the necessities of hygiene such as laundry soap, deodorant, toilet paper and other personal care hygiene products.

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