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"Quality of life” refers broadly to four factors: (1) subjective wellbeing; (2) social networks; (3) health behaviors; and (4) self-concept. There are opportunities across communities that relate to basic needs, education, and economic support that negatively impact quality of life. We believe that addressing these opportunities is key to helping individuals and families thrive. 


Our business offers basic needs goods (temporary housing, food, clothing, toiletries, etc.), educational opportunities (agriculture, financial planning, and wellness planning), and economic resources (low interest rate loans and grants) to individuals and families looking to improve their quality of life. We are interested in cultivating supportive communities and advocating for holistic well-being. 

We believe all families deserve to be happy and healthy.

Our Mission

Lillian's Arms supports families with basic need, educational, and economic resources to improve quality of life.

Image by Rooban N
Our Mission

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